Saturday, 30 April 2011

Buy Natural Gas

Buy Natural Gas for a Target of 221-224 for short term and there after for a handsome gain/ Rally upto 240-280 for Medium term...

Buy Nickel

Buy Nickel May contract in decline ...up to 1194. for a TARGET of 1216-1224 for short term..
there after rally up to 1245.

Chart indicating a BIG Rally...
Dt. 30-4-2011

Sunday, 20 February 2011

Best Buys

Cash Market:

EKC {Everest Kanto Cylinders}Buy in the Range between 68-72.. for short term.
Reliance Infra:Buy in panic for a target of 780..for Short Term.

Silver: Buy and forget;

Buy silver in the range between 45.5k-46.5 for a handsome return in couple of can see.. multiple return.

Silver is firing

Silver is firing since 18-Feb-2011... how far it will raise...
We will update during market hours... watch carefully...

Few Words for my visitors

Day Trading is Dangerous, before entering into Day trade must follow strict stop loss and must be flexible as per Market Movements.

My opinion on Stock Markets;

Cash & Derivative segments are driven by two Main factors;
1. Fundamentals
2. Technicals.

Markets are driven by Three types of "Drivers"

1. Bulls----- They want to take the Markets to a higher levels... they are confident about "Growth Story".
2. Bears---- They want to bring down the Markets to lower levels..they don't believe "Growth"
3. Pigs------ without having proper knowledge on markets they will invest anticipating handsome return.

There is a proverb in the stock market;

One day Bulls Win {Optimistic conditions}some times Bears Win {Pessimistic conditions}
BUT the Pigs will only for slaughter... they never win....

Why I prefer Day Trading?

Day traders are follows Technicals and follows the Trend... it may be Up or Down... main aim to gain or cash the Trend.  As market movements are depends on Psychology of human beings dealing with markets resulting fluctuations.. Day Traders cash these fluctuations.

While dealing with Commodity.... don't expect instant gain... day trading is not applicable to it... just enter at appropriate level and Exit immediately after reaching its target price.

NOTE:  Following my advised published in this blog may or may not yield results..  You must take your own decision before entering into a Trade. This is a free service to the Traders, I wish viewers will get benefit from my calls.

Watch out for Day Trading Calls during Market Hours: